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Item Name: 18350 800mah IMR battery
Item Price: ₱400.00
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Batteries & Chargers : 18350 800mah IMR battery

These are 800mah IMR batteries. We recommend 800mah recommend for Mechanical Mods because of the more stable chemistry inside. You can also use these in advanced personal vaporizers such as the SVD or Short Lavatubes. In fact, IMR batteries are much better for any type of mod and the advantages simply outweighs the disadvantages.


  • 800mah
  • IMR battery type
  • 3.7 volts


  • SVD
  • Short Lavatube
  • Other smaller PCB based Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV)
  • Suitable for Mechanical Mods

While this IMR battery is recommended for Mechanical Mods, we are strongly against any stacking setup using any 3.7volt battery. Read our Mechanical Mod Proper Usage Guide first if you plan on using any mechanical mod for the first time. If you need higher voltages than one battery can provide, consider using a battery Kick device, Provari, Lavatube, or an SVD instead.

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