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Item Name: Snake Head Steel Drip Tips with a great FREEBEE
Item Price: ₱450.00
Item Price: ₱300.00
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Drip Tips : Snake Head Steel Drip Tips with a great FREEBEE

These driptips are unique and very exotic in design. They are designed after a snake head and what can we say other than these drip tips have personality. Made with stainless steel and comes in two colors.

Reminds one of the snake in the Garden of Eden, doesn't it?


Speaking of the Garden of Eden,  to make this offer even more tempting, we have decided to throw in the's  Classic Apple Pie free with the snake for a limited time only.

If you do the math, that means you will be getting this driptip for just 50 pesos right?

This drip tip can be used with most atomizers such as the CE6, Vivi nova, AGA-T2, and IGO-L.

This will not fit on CE4 and iClear30 atomizers with screw on drip tips.

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