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Item Name: 18650 2200mah ICR battery
Item Price: ₱250.00
Item Price: ₱200.00
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Batteries & Chargers : 18650 2200mah ICR battery

Mods always require a battery to run them. In fact, with the exception of USB powered ones, just about all vaporizers need batteries to run.

But the batteries of our vaporizers are just like batteries in our cell phones and iPods. They do not last forever and after some amount of time, performance will decrease and we need to get new batteries. But the good news is you can purchase batteries when your old ones need to be replaced.


  • 2200mah
  • ICR battery
  • 3.7 volts


  • SVD
  • Lavatube
  • Other PCB based Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV)

Please note that we strongly suggest mechanical mod users to get IMR or IMR hybrids instead. Read our Mechanical Mod Proper Usage Guide first if you plan on using these on mechanical mods.

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