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Item Name: Faux Leather Carry Case
Item Price: ₱350.00
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Accessories : Faux Leather Carry Case

Very nice carry case suitable for people who has an eGo (the vaporizer). These look really nice and flexible enough to carry small, squared shaped vaporizers such as the iTaste VV.

Despite small, it can actually carry two eGos, an extra atomizer, and maybe an e-juice bottle or two. Oh and the USB charger can fit snugly in too.

What I like about this case it doesn't look anything like the classic eGo cases we are all used to, at least the exterior part.

We have a LOT of these, so just place your order or visit our store to grab one.

Please note that this case might not fit bigger, fatter mods such as the Lavatube and Provari. If you have a mod, check out the mod and APV Carry Case.

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