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Item Name: Bumblevape Lavatube 18650 Kit
Item Price: ₱3500.00
Item Price: ₱2800.00
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Vape Kits : Bumblevape Lavatube 18650 Kit

One of the most popular Variable Voltage units is the LavaTube. You can easily tweak the voltages to be perfect for your particular atomizer and style of vaping.

You can also change the internal battery, making it a modular PV or mod for short (and no, mod does not mean modified at least in terms of these PVs).


It is reliable, it is a real variable voltage mod, and is very accurate for the price.

Here is a list of the main feature of the lavatube itself:

  • Variable Voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 volts at 0.1 increments
  • Uses Pulse Width Modulation for achiving at a voltage
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short cuircuit protection
  • Matt black or slick chrome color
  • Reliable Battery bar indicator
  • Atomizer Ohms indicator
  • Huge 4.0 amp limmit (Particular to our brand)
  • eGo and 510 thread compatible

Here is a list of stuff included in the kit:

  • A hand picked 18650 lavatube 2.1v
  • 10ml of's Designer Liquid
  • Lavatube carry case
  • A generic 18650 charger (optional upgrades available)
  • A 18650 battery (optional upgrades available)
  • CE4 v1 atomizer (optional upgrades available)

Personally, I can vouch for its reliability, particularly the brand and maybe the particular unit that I personally use.

And like most of the expensive units we sell online, each of the lavatubes we offer here are cherry picked by us so you will be getting the best in a batch.

With our internal quality control, this means that you will get less chances of failure than almost every vape shop out there.

Warranty period for the lavatube is 7 days outright replacement and 1 month manufacturer replacement on manufacturer defects on the lavatube and charger. Just ship the item back or drop it at the store. Atomizers and batteries are considered consumables so the only warranty that can be offered is DOA (Dead On Arrival), but we thoroughly check them for you before shipment.

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