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Item Name: iTaste VV Bumblevape Kit
Item Price: ₱2500.00
Item Price: ₱2200.00
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CE6 color

carry case

designer liquid flavor


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Vape Kits : iTaste VV Bumblevape Kit

The iTaste VV is a great little gadget. It is great for beginners and good enough as a secondary unit for advanced mod users.

Even in a small form factor, it packs a lot of punch and tons of features crammed into one unit. Personally, I am using one at home and have been loving it ever since.

We discovered that the CE6 works really well with the iTaste VV and we have decided to bring this package we made to the market.

Here is what you will get:

  • iTaste Variable Voltage
  • iTaste comes with a puff counter
  • iTaste comes with voltage recommendation feature
  • Kit comes with CE6 replaceable coil cartomizer
  • Kit includes's Designer Liquid
  • (optional) leatherette case

If you are looking for great performance in a small form factor, then the iTaste VV might be your first choice.

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