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Item Name: eGo-PT 1100mah Kit
Item Price: ₱1800.00
Item Price: ₱1100.00
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Vape Kits : eGo-PT 1100mah Kit

If you are just starting out, we recommend getting an eGo-PT personal vaporizer. It is easy to use and quite reliable. In fact even advanced users of more advanced systems always keep at least one eGo unit in their arsenal for a back up.

Quality batteries are important for units with non-replaceable batteries inside that is why these units are built with Genuine A-Grade batteries which is far superior than cheaper, generic units.


With every kit, we will throw in our very own's Designer Liquid for free so that you can sample some of the best liquids available to vapers.

The kit also includes a lot of other goodies here is the list:

  • Quality eGo-PT unit
  • eGo-PT usb charger
  • CE4  stardust atomizer
  • Nice luxury case
  •'s Designer liquid of your choice






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