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Item Name: IGO-L Rebuildable Atomizer
Item Price: ₱850.00
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extra wick

extra wire

extra mesh (400x400 grit)

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Atomizers : IGO-L Rebuildable Atomizer

The IGO-L is a reliable, low profile atomizer that just performs great. The top part of the new IGO-L is now beveled instead of rounded making it more reminiscent of the AGA genesis series of atomizers.

The new look also blends well with the design of popular Advanced Personal Vaporizers that also has a beveled look such as the new Lavatubes and the Provari.

This is a high end drip type atomizer at a reasonable price. The features of the IGO-L can be found in more expensive drip type atomizers.

Here is a list of some of the IGO-L's great features:

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Integrates a very effective juice well
  • Center post positive terminal
  • Maintenance pack included with wick, wire, and extra gaskets

The IGO-L diameter looks good with mods and variable voltage and wattage systems.

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