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Item Name: CE4 v1 Stardust Clearomizer
Item Price: ₱400.00
Item Price: ₱150.00
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Atomizers : CE4 v1 Stardust Clearomizer

CE4 also known as the stardust is highly resistant to leakage when compared to other smaller disposable atomizers.

The CE4 has become a standard in many eGo kits and a lot of people have become very comfortable using these cheap but very reliable atomizers.

These clearomizers are designed for eGo compatible units such as the eGo-PT, our lavatubes, the iTaste VV and iTaste SVD.

We got a lot of these quality atomizers and we like to pass on the savings to you. Now on sale, the CE4 is now on sale making it a very affordable choice for every vaper.

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