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Item Name: CE6 eGo Clearomizer
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extra coil head

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Atomizers : CE6 eGo Clearomizer

CE6 also known as Clearomizer Edition 6 is a unique design that is geared to replace the older CE5, CE4 clearomizer and the mini vivi-nova used on eGo compatible units.

These clearomizers are designed for eGo compatible units such as the eGo-PT, our lavatubes, the iTaste VV and iTaste SVD.

Here is some of its best features:

  • Replacable coils
  • Rebuildable coils
  • Full disassembly for easy cleaning
  • Beautiful acrylic tank
  • Uses standard driptips
  • Large tank capacity

Nice to look at, easy to use, and with the replaceable rebuildable coils, the CE6 is very economical. Because it can be fully disassembled, it very easy to maintain.

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