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Item Name: AGA-T2 Rebuildable
Item Price: ₱1300.00
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extra tank

extra mesh (400x400 grit)

nichrome wire


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Atomizers : AGA-T2 Rebuildable

The AGA-T2 made waves when it was first introduced. In fact, while it was still in the design phase, people all over the world where already anticipating its release.

Main feature summary:

  • Stainless Steel body
  • Glass Tank (Smoothened) tank
  • Double o-ring fitting
  • Genesys system
  • Single or Dual coil setup
  • Maintenance pack included
  • Mesh system (can be converted to wick if desired) is one of the first stores in the world to be given priority to sell the first batches the AGA-T2 (and AGA-T+). In January 17, 2013 we had the first production version from the very first batch on sale. Since then, we had a hard time keeping it on shelf due to its popularity.

Many revisions latter, we still carry genuine AGA-T2 with the latest revisions equipped with new upgrades.

So, how good is the AGA-T2? Many say that it is comparable to the rebuildable Genesys-type atomizers costing up to ten times as much in terms of built quality and performance.

Note that your AGA-T2 comes with the maintainance pack which already includes almost everything you need such as the mesh, wire, and gaskets.

But if you want to get an extra mesh or an extra tank, we also  have these as an option.

The AGA-T2 uses standard 510 driptips which is not included but can be purchased as an option.

If you want to convert it into a wick system, we also provide the wick for the AGA-T2.

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