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Item Name: Bumble's Milk Tea
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Bumblevape Liquid : Bumble's Milk Tea

A new flavor, Bumble's Milk Tea is our take on the popular Milk Tea.

As we all know, each milk tea kiosk offers milk tea that varies in flavor and taste, from the bland to strong, and from the safe to the exotic. 

As milk tea lovers ourselves, we have our own vision of what a great milk tea should taste like and we brought that vision in our Premium liquids in the form of Bumble's Milk Tea.

And we believe that we have the best milk tea in our line up, so much so that we call ours Bumble's Milk Tea.

So, how good is it? Everyone who has tried our take generally agrees it is not only one of the best milk tea flavor they have tasted but one of the best flavor they have vaped in general. Not convinced? The only way to know for your self is to buy one isn't it?


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