Vape Kits

Vape KitsThis is a list of some of the kits we have on stock in our store. 

You can purchase whatever is offered here online. 

Note that this list is just a partial list of the good stuff we have on store. If you want to see much more, you really have to drop by.

Genuine Innokin iTaste SVD Bumblevape Kit
These are made of Stainless steel, features Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, Telescopic body, and a hefty 5-amp limit among other features. You should…
₱4000.00 ₱4500.00
Bumblevape Short Lavatube 18350 Kit
The 18350 short LavaTube is a variation of the regular sized ones. These functions exactly like regular sized lavatubes and you can also easily tweak…
₱2800.00 ₱3500.00
Bumblevape Lavatube 18650 Kit
One of the most popular Variable Voltage units is the LavaTube. You can easily tweak the voltages to be perfect for your particular atomizer and style…
₱2800.00 ₱3500.00
iTaste VV Bumblevape Kit
The iTaste VV is a great little gadget. It is great for beginners and good enough as a secondary unit for advanced mod users. Even in a small form factor,…
₱2200.00 ₱2500.00
eGo-PT 1100mah Kit
If you are just starting out, we recommend getting an eGo-PT personal vaporizer. It is easy to use and quite reliable. In fact even advanced users of…
₱1100.00 ₱1800.00